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FAQ – What if I use Google Ads until my site got ranked?

Even if many of your website pages rank high for some keywords, you shouldn’t stop paying for Google Ads.

You shouldn’t worry about running ads for an indefinite span of time, though. If you’re doing it right, ads are profitable – so, it’s not like you’re losing money.

Also, this will depend on your industry and what you’re looking to achieve.

  1. If you’re advertising a blog so it will rank higher later, you’re basically wasting your money. That will not happen.
  2. If you’re advertising products or a local service, while optimizing your website for SERP’s then you’re on your way to success.

Whenever you perform a google search for a business service or a local business, the first 4 results are actually ads. This means that even if you rank 1st for all keywords on all pages, ads will be shown to people just before your pages.

Look at this example:

Google Ads do not make your page rank higher organically, but they will show you on top if they’re good enough.

Up to a certain extent, paid media comes first and organic comes second

Running ads means that you will get instant results, whereas ranking takes a lot of time. As long as your ads are profitable, you’ll be fine until SEO does its magic.

After a while, Organic Ranking will be basically bringing you customers without much effort.

When you reach this point I’d say it’s better to keep running your Google Ads, but it’ll be up to you whether or not you want to.

Hope it helps!