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How Service Businesses Can Grow In The Digital World?

As more and more people spend more time on the internet, more and more opportunities arise for service and local businesses.

Businesses from all industries have moved their operations to remote work. Some of these, have found that remote work can be as efficient, and sometimes more efficient, than a physical office. Who would have thought that we would be holding important business meetings completely online?

working from home

With so many people working from home and spending more time online, service businesses need to find a new way to get in front of their customers.

And the good news is you can.

Local and service businesses might not be getting the same amount of people coming into their physical location, but that doesn’t mean they can’t reach a greater number of people online. The fact that more people are spending their time navigating the internet and working from home makes it easier to reap the benefits of digital marketing.

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There Are Still Customers. They’re Just Interacting From Home.

People haven’t stopped needing lawyers overnight. People still want to improve their homes or remodel their patios to enjoy time with friends and family. People are still there and they still need the services your business provides.

Needs haven’t changed—the game has changed.

Now, lawyers and other consultative service providers can provide their services over a zoom meeting. But what about contractors and handyman services?

People surely can’t have their kitchen remodeled over a zoom meeting.

No, but they can still be reached, or even better, you can present yourself as the answer to their problem, right when they are looking for it.

How To Grow Your Service Business With The Digital Edge

Regardless of the type of company you operate, it’s important to adapt quickly. Getting online and finding your audience is part of this.

Work on your company website

website example
This is a good example of a website. *Disclaimer: We did not build this website.

If you haven’t updated your company website in a while or you have never marketed it, it’s time to start. The first thing you should do is make sure the website is fast, mobile-friendly, and easy to understand for your users. Also, make sure your customers can understand your services without having to call and ask.

This is important because 75% of millennials avoid phone calls for many reasons. (Generation Mute: Why Do Millennials Hate Phone Calls (2021) (

They are also well informed and perform research prior to hiring a service provider.

So, make sure your business website is very clear about what you do, and try to answer as many questions as possible. Some people might give you a call without ever reading anything else, but others will surely appreciate it before contacting you.

If you sell physical products, having an online store is also great. This will make it a frictionless process for your customers and potential customers.

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Get Social and Engage

If you have ever been a customer of any company (and chances are you have), you know how it feels to hire someone you’ve never heard of before.

The same thing happens whenever you purchase something. If you need a car tool and are presented with two options, you will probably go with the one you already know works.

So, make sure you engage with your current customer base as often as you can. Whether that means trying new email campaigns or posting weekly on Facebook. Being engaged can build a lasting relationship.

Share testimonials from your customers, encourage them to comment or share your content, and you can even create simple tutorials!

You just have to work to position your company as an expert in its field.

You should engage with your current customer base online often. Whether you do so via email marketing, newsletters, or social media accounts, engaging with your current customers online is quite easy and can build a lasting relationship.

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Advertising The Right Way

Improving your website, creating new content, and engaging with customers is an organic way of growing your reputation. This means that it occurs naturally and people will slowly start finding you and trusting you.

However, the most attractive feature of online marketing is advertising.

Effective and well-targeted ads will find the right customers at the right time. If you decide to go this way, your business will probably notice a boost.

Just make sure you follow the basic guidelines, create a good landing page that your prospects can see when they click on your ads and enjoy.

Don’t be afraid of advertising.

If done correctly and you present an actual solution to an actual need or problem, people appreciate it.

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Make A Solid Effort

As the world continues to move further into an online society, you should focus your efforts and streamlining the way you communicate with your customers. This means making things easier for them and presenting yourself as the right choice.