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Eliminate Buzzwords If You Want Better Ads

Nobody likes grandiloquent people. This means being pompous or extravagant in language, style, or manner, especially in a way that is intended to impress.

Eliminate the Buzzwords, Improve Your Ads, and Save Everyone a Lot of Confusion.

The world wants easy and simple since humans exist.

  • People didn’t want to sleep in caves, they invented huts, then a house.
  • People didn’t want to walk for months through a jungle to find a safe place to move. Now we have roads and wheels.
wheels on the road
Try commuting to work on foot.

Simple and easy is not a bad thing.

What is really bad is trying to go against human nature to prove a point.

I could sit here all day with a dictionary in my hand, throwing away all my knowledge while looking for the most impressive and elaborate words I can use.

Do you know what would happen?


I know for sure I wouldn’t.

Because I came here to learn something, not to have a hard time reading.

Unfortunately, businesses from every industry use buzzwords all the time in their ads and their marketing efforts. This just makes people ignore them more.

So it’s time to stop.

Why Buzzwords Don’t Work and Why People Dislike Them?

psychological marketing tactic 4
Me neither

  • Many people use buzzwords to appear smart. Even if they don’t mean that, it looks that way to the rest of the world.
  • Politicians try to make things sound important, even when they aren’t. A classic.
  • Bullshit companies and products use A LOT of buzzwords. Everyone feels there’s something weird.
  • Lawyers are purposely vague and confusing a lot of times. Not everyone understands the jargon.

So, not everyone feels happy about buzzwords.

All these negative feelings grow in each and every one of us. (I could have used “connotations” instead of feelings here)

By simply removing BuzzWords from your copy, you can save a lot of confusion.

How Can You Make People Realize You’re The Best Without Telling Them Your The Best?

There’s always that person that talks about him as if he deserves the world.

Have you heard someone say “I’m the best person in this room” or “I’m the smartest one among you, guys?”

It’s funny, but the smartest people in the world generally are very good at explaining complex subjects in the simplest ways!

When addressing an audience you should make it as simple as possible. And this doesn’t mean you do not respect your audience are believe they’re smart enough (you’re playing with fire if you do).

It simply means that neither you nor they want to prove themselves by trying to appear smart. It’s respectful, in fact.

psychological marketing tactic 5
The simpler you make it, the better.

The More Buzzwords You Use The More Complex Everything Becomes

The biggest problem with buzzwords is that they can become very complex or confusing the more you use them.

1 buzzword is fine, even if people don’t fully understand it, but try adding 5 or 6 and it will end up looking like this:


Without the complexity that lawyers love, this sentence would look something like this:

As business attorneys, we can protect you from personal liability. By advising you on how to form a legal entity, we can protect you from your company’s debts and other issues like divorce or partnerships. We can help you at any stage of your business – even if you haven’t started.

See how simple? It doesn’t feel any less professional. It’s just easier to read and understand.

Now, let’s take a serious look at that.

If you spent the time reading the screenshot, you probably feel it’s unnecessarily wordy.

It’s not that they use unintelligible words, but the way they put them together.

Can you imagine reading 9 more paragraphs of that?!

In this particular case, I understand lawyers. They need to be very specific about what they do.

But when they market, they could do much better by just speaking to humans the way humans do.

Like physicians. Physicians can make everything so easy to understand most of the time.

Believe me, I should know.